In the year 2005 of the common era, an enterprising gentleman by the name of Dale and Eli's Dad had a vision. He dreamed of a day when miscreants from the dregs of society (those that populate the Off Topic forum on the OOTP Developments message board) would have a league of their own! Not just any league, mind you, but a league where sims actually took place on occasion!

Nineteen other men and women took the challenge and in game year 2004, the outlandish dream of a crackpot (though the real crackpot has no affiliation to this league) came to fruition. This was truly an eclectic league, with teams in such exotic locations as Toronto, Sioux Falls, Kingston, New Jersey, Xiang Nan, Johnsonville, New York, Fist City, South Carolina, Peluca, Orlando, Dekalb, Jurassic Park, Raleigh, Tittybong, Fort Collins, Jacksonville, Coy City, Nazareth and a Local city whose identity was still unknown at press time. These teams were split into two leagues, the Heinsohn League and the Kuffrey League. Each league was split into two divisions. The four divisions in 2004 were the Mashed Canadian Division, the Postal Division, the Artist Division and the Estrogen Division.

The first Championship Series featured a clash between the Peluca Endurance of the Artist Division/Kuffrey League and the Johnsonville Brats of the Postal Division/Heinsohn League. Early league records were sadly lost in The Great Archive Fire of 2017, however, it is known that the Brats prevailed 4 games to 2. The future of baseball had begun!

Early HistoryEdit

New Jersey DominationEdit

Nazareth/Springfield EraEdit

Expansion and Subsequent ContractionEdit

Commissioner Turn OverEdit

After a number of successful seasons as commissioner (and several name changes, courtesy of the Witness Protection Program), Dale and Eli's Dad (or Zaphod Beeblebrox or Autism Speaks or daleelijulie) stepped down amid allegations of being a commish chet. This led to the reign of sebastian. sebastian's reign as commissioner was know for flowing very fluidly, with the exception of sim times. This was when Jean-Claude Van Damme began to make his many appearances. Under fire for having the nerve to have a life outside of the OTBA, sebastian stepped down after several years in charge.

This led to the brief co-commissionership of the league. Steve T was named, along with Green & Gold Heart, to run the league. This led to a brief period of Caligulan chaos, as Steve T tried to rule with an iron fist. His my way or the highway attitude made him no friends with other owners. This led to his resignation and Green & Gold Heart taking over sole possession of the commissioner's office.

List of ChampionsEdit