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The Nashville Watchmen began play in 2029 after a relocation of the Bloomington Beavers. This was the fourth move for the franchise in the league's history. The team was founded as the Jurrasic Park Carnivores and became the Effingham Flaming Hearts before moving to Bloomington. Historically, the franchise had a 1926-2202 record in it's three previous incarnations.

Franchise stats (through 2031):Edit

Record: 218-268

Playoff appearances: 0

Championships: 0

GM: daleelijulie (2029-present)

Team RecordsEdit

Team batting records (career):Edit

BA: Stan Reed, .285

OBP: Emilio Guitierrez, .390

SLG: Emilio Guitierrez, .464

OPS: Emilio Guitierrez, .854

VORP (2017 or later): Emilio Guitierrez, 196.7

G: Anastasio Freitas, 1227

AB: Anastasio Freitas, 4408

R: Anastasio Freitas, 572

H: Anastasio Freitas, 1158

TB: Anastasio Freitas, 1794

2B: Anastasio Freitas, 196

3B: Emilio Guitierrez, 26

HR: Anastasio Freitas, 134

RBI: Anastasio Freitas, 504

SB: Emilio Guitierrez, 106

BB: Emilio Guitierrez, 485

HBP: Emilio Guitierrez, 53

K: Anastasio Freitas, 678

Team pitching records (Career):Edit

ERA: Antonio De La Cruz, 3.50

W: John McCoy, 48

L: Robby Brooks, 58

SV: Don Conner, 122

CG: Antonio De La Cruz, 9

SHO: Antonio De La Cruz, 2

IP: Robby Brooks, 955

BB/9: Antonio De La Cruz, 1.1

K: John McCoy, 793

K/9: John McCoy, 9.3

K/BB: Antonio De La Cruz, 6.12

WHIP: Antonio De La Cruz, 1.15

OOPS: John McCoy, .668

VORP (2017 or later): John McCoy, 145.8

Teams and ParksEdit


Nashville Watchmen


Nashville Stadium (cap 55,000)


Louisville Patriots


Park of America (cap 27,409)


Birmingham Night Stalkers


Birmingham Municipal Stadium (cap 18,382)


Knoxville Cooks


The Kitchen (cap. 14,298)

Short A:

High Point Missions


The Mission (cap. 11,398)

Team Hall of Fame RegisterEdit


John Ryans Contract Debacle:Edit

The team's new ownership found themselves taking over a team with a decimated roster and a very low financial capacity. The team was deep in debt and saddle with a contract for 16.7 million a year for John Ryans, a former All Star who had lost the ability to play at the major league level. An man who owned the club for only a few months took on the contract of Ryans to meet a "payroll floor." The result of the financial problems combined with the salary kept the team from being able to sign free agents for the first two seasons. At one point, Ryan's contract was 1/3 of the total team payroll as he languished in the minor leagues.